Reader Reviews: "Ten Keys to Breaking Pornography Addiction"

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Re: Reader Reviews: "Ten Keys to Breaking Pornography Addiction"

Postby archides on Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:18 pm

I read the book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am grateful for you for writing it and sharing your experiences with me. It was very eye opening, as far as letting me know what to expect from my flesh in the future of my battle. I occasionally went clean during several periods of mt life, and learned that although the cravings may subside for a while (even weeks or months), the potential to return is always there if we're not vigilant. Your book gave me hope about how far I can go if I put forth the energy, and showed reminded me that relapses are totally overcome-able.

I was also glad to read your book because I always wanted to thank the person who wrote the original essay/testimony on this site around the year 1999. In your book you state that it was yours. Although you feel that some of the ideas in that essay are a little immature now, that essay has been PROFOUNDLY helpful for me restructuring my lifestyle and approach to my goals. Some of the principles laid out in that essay still are the blueprints to my longest periods of sobriety. Since 1999 Ive been wanting to say thank you to whoever wrote that article. Its a shame that the essay is gone because it is so powerful. Certain sentences brought me to tears because it totally related to me. Some sites have copies of it, but with all sentences containing 'God' removed, but I was able to find the full original text somewhere and now I have it saved, and I was actually just reading it this morning.

Thank you for all that youve opened up and shared about your efforts. Ive been able to see a lot about ways to include my wife in my struggle, avoiding temptation, and so much more. Thank you again for sharing. Your testimonies have given me so much strength and wisdom. Keep up the fight!
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